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"Days of Glory" revives painful war memories for Algerians

Placeholder. A French film about the poorly rewarded sacrifices by African troops to free occupied France has drawn praise in Algeria, but veterans say Paris has other hard truths to confront about its record in its former colony.

The Africans are told their sacrifices will bring them the same rewards and recognition as their French comrades.

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Third Algeria Energy Week from 25 to 29 November 2006 in Oran

Placeholder. The Algerian Ministry of Energy and Mining announces the organisation of the third Algeria Energy Week, which will take place on 25-29 November 2006 in Oran, under the slogan "The Reforms…Strategies, Opportunities, Innovations". Algeria Energy Week will be held a year after the adoption of the new hydrocarbons law, which completes the Energy and Mines Sector’s institutional set of reforms and the start of the second decade of the “Journées Scientifiques et Techniques”.

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The Oued Amizour mine established by the australian zinc miner Terramin Ltd

The Australian zinc miner Terramin Australia Ltd is pioneering the emerging resource industry in Algeria with plans to establish the Oued Amizour mine.
The Oued Amizour deposit was previously explored by the state-owned mining company ORGM and Terramin acquired a 65 per cent stake in the deposit back in February, agreeing to spend $US6.6 million ($A8.8 million) on exploration.

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Oran’s daily bread takes miscellaneous shapes

Oran – Every Ramadan, Oran's daily bread takes miscellaneous shapes. Bakers show some of their creativity to arouse the appetite of consumers, who strongly bear it for long hours of fasting. In all bakeries and bread stores, not only the uniform baguette, often tasteless and cooked in electric ovens are found, but rather multiform baguettes, crowns, sesame round loafs, flat loafs, paninos and other white, brioche, sugar breads which have pride of place on stalls to undoubtedly attract fasters' greediness.

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Ramadan: Music and theatre in the programme of the ONCI

Algiers- Song, folk music and plays are included in the programme made by the National Office of Culture and Information (ONCI) specially for the month of Ramadan. These activities will be kicked off by the dress rehearsal of ''Les prétendants'' (pretenders), a play adapted of the work of the Russian playwright Gogol, performed by the association ''Kaouss Kouzeh'' of Algiers and directed by Saïdi Merzoug. Web enhanced by Google
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