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The Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award 2006

The second Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award will be made in September 2006 at the Frank O'Connor International Short Story Festival in Cork, Ireland. The prize is for 35,000 euros (approx US$42,500). When inaugurated in 2005 it was envisioned that the award would be for 50,000 euros given biannually. It has now been decided to award 35,000 euros annually, Eligible books are those by living authors, published for the first time, in English anywhere in the world, between October 2005 and September 15th 2006 (selecteds, collecteds or books containing stories published in a previous volume of stories by the author will not be eligible). Translations are eligible. If a translation wins, the prize will be split evenly between translator and original author.

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The Annual Transcontinental Poetry Award by Pavement Saw Press

Each year Pavement Saw Press will seek to publish at least one book of poetry and/or prose poems from manuscripts received during this competition. Selection is made anonymously through a competition that is open to anyone who has not previously published a volume of poetry or prose. The author receives $1000 and a percentage of the press run. . This is an award for first books only.

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The Belmont Poetry Prize

The Belmont Poetry Prize is the only poetry competition in the UK for poets writing for children. The winner of the £500 prize will be decided by votes cast by children in primary schools. Whoever wins will know that their poem is one that children themselves have enjoyed reading – not what grown-ups think they will enjoy.
Poems should be aimed at children between the ages of 7 and 11. The entry fee is £3 per poem.

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Carillon Magazine Literary Competition

Carillon magazine has two competitions in honour of its fifth birthday, for poetry of 15 to 20 lines and short stories of 450 to 500 words. Prizes are £80, £40 and three of £20 in each category. Entry fee is £3 for the first and £1 subsequently. Closing date is 1st November. See:

Deadline 1st November

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Translations: New Poems Inspired by Artworks from Around the Globe

Editor: Jan Greenberg
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams, Inc., New York
A new poetry anthology seeks English-language translators who work with published international poets who would be interested in writing a poem inspired by an artwork. The poems in their original language will be published side by side with their translations, along with the artwork. Artworks can be from any period in that country’s history, but they must be in a museum collection.

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