Come, come whoever you are, song and dance inspired by Rumi's poem

Come, come whoever you are, This Caravan knows no despair
Even though you have broken your vows, Perhaps ten thousand times, Come, come again. Rumi

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I was dead, I became alive, Rumi's poetry

I was dead, I became alive. I was tears, I became laughter. The majesty of love came. And I became an everlasting majesty myself. Rumi-

Rumi was a thirteenth century Persian mystic, poet, and theologian. This video contains poetry of the Molana, with the magnificent music of Dariush Eghbali, in his soundtrack entitled "Rumi". The pictures are all of the beautiful landscapes and historic architecture of Iran.
2007: The 800th anniversary of Rumi!

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Stars on a Dark Night, Rumi's poem with images and music

Stars on a Dark Night is a Rumi poem fused with images and music giving it a new mystical presentation.

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Rumi, Whoever brought me here

Another tale of Rumi from Duncan and Ashley. A Video Poetry of the Mystic 13th century poet Jalalludin Ar-Rumi.

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Come on Sweatheart, Rumi's poem recited by Sina

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