Call for Papers: The Novel: Democracy’s Form?

This is a call for papers for ‘The Novel: Democracy’s Form?’, a two- day conference to be held over the 13th and 14th of April 2007 at the University of Sussex. The core purpose of the conference is to explore the contemporary status of the novel within the fields of literary theory, history and philosophy. We are eager to hear from those working on the problems faced when looking at relations between cultural forms and history, and relations between cultural forms and identity. We are particularly interested in interdisciplinary, trans- cultural approaches and would, therefore, welcome contributions from the fields of the humanities in general, cultural studies and social and political thought. We aim to attract an international array of contributors to focus and begin exploring the question: is a theory of the novel necessary?

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The Wolf Magazine (UK) is accepting submissions

The Wolf, the UK’s ‘leading independent poetry magazine’ is accepting submissions of literary criticism on any theme surrounding contemporary poets or poetry. All essays should be between 1,000 - 2,000 words and focus on poetry from after the 1950’s. Recent literary criticism in The Wolf has offered critical responses to Don Paterson’s T.S. Eliot lecture and considered the position of the avant-garde in British academia.

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Encounter and Experience: Cultures in Process (call for papers)

Cultures are dynamic sites of negotiation, exchange, and mixing. In fields such as literary studies, cultural studies, post-colonial studies, cultural history, or anthropology concepts such as transculturation (Ortiz, Pratt) and hybridity (Bhabha, Young) explore cultures and their representations in such terms. Together with linguistic approaches like accommodation theory (Giles) they have high currency in contemporary debates. Notions such as ?contact zone?, ?interstices?, or ?third space? outline the context, preconditions, and effects of cultural interchange. The processes that are at the centre of cultural encounters, however, have largely remained lacunae in a complex, interdisciplinary field with a multiplicity of terminological coinings.

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Caduta Arts Review Call for Submissions

Caduta Arts Review aims to promote new and diverse talent in the arts - photography, painting, poetry, prose, drama, film script, letters, articles, reviews, and anything in between. Especially welcomed are those which challenge boundaries of genre, style and seriousness: she encourages neglected forms like poems in translation, art criticism, pageants, masques, panegyrics, epics, dedications, poems about science, literary biography,
nonsense verse, portraiture.

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Citizen32 is seeking submissions that explore the theme of 'Class'

Citizen32 is seeking submissions that explore the theme of 'Class' . We pay for all work plus a free copy. Citizen 32 is a full colour poetry & short story & reviews & arts magazine which has recently published its 4th issue on 'Censorship'.

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