Call for Submissions: Remaking reality: Eroding the Palimpsest (FACS Literary Journal, Florida Atlantic University, US)

In the context of modern poetics, Charles Baudelaire seizes upon the complexity of palimpsest as critical paradigm not simply for the human brain as physical structure, but also for the referential status of poetry itself: "What is the human brain, if not an immense and natural palimpsest?" he asks. "My brain is a palimpsest, and yours too, reader. Innumerable layers of ideas, images, and sentiments fall upon your brain, as softly as light. It seems that each [new layer] buries the previous one. But no layer has perished." Paradis artificiels [Artificial Paradises]

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Call for Papers: Fifth International Conference on "New Directions in the Humanities" 17-20 July 2007, Paris

To submit a paper to the International Journal of Humanities you must first submit a proposal to the conference review committee for an In-Person or Virtual presentation at the Learning Conference. For your work to be included in the journal the final version of your paper needs to be submitted for peer-review and accepted by the referees.

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Meanjin: australian literary magazine seeks submissions, Deadline: November 30, 2006

Meanjin ("Australia's leading literary magazine") seeks poetry, fiction, writing for performance, reflective and scholarly essays, memoirs, commentary, review essays, and interviews.

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19th Annual Short Grain Contest - Deadline: February 28, 2007

Grain invites entries for the 19th Annual Short Grain Contest. "Four categories, six grand in prizes, rock-star judges, starmaking-cred and other spoils to the victors." Categories include: Dramatic Monologue (500 words max), Postcard Story (500 words max.), Prose Poem (500 words max.), and Long Grain of Truth (non-fiction, 5000 words max.). Entry fee: $30 for two entries (includes subscription).
Deadline: February 28, 2007.

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The journal "Qui Parle" is seeking submissions for a special dossier, “Urban Intercessions: The City as Limit Politics.”

The journal “qui parle” is seeking submissions for a special dossier, “Urban Intercessions: The City as Limit Politics.” The dossier will focus on how we could imagine the effects and conditions of violence or political force — whether it be legal, racial, geographic, or gendered, and whether the force be oppressive or emancipatory — within the specific locality of a metropolitan context, one which is somehow inflected by local or particular concerns and yet reflects a global, international, or, at the very least, extra-metropolitan politics.

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