Is free lance journalist, EFL teacher, struggling creative writer, world

traveler, and would be actress residing currently in London, Ontario

though. She have also lived in London, England, Paris, Athens and

India and have travelled in Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and

Nepal as well as most of the countries in Europe, but she still call

Toronto home.



      Of Kabul



      Of Kabul I recall,

      men on camels,

      proud, dignified

      an open air market,

      bags of spices,

      saffron, orange, russet

      a hotel for hippies,

      embassy row, pretentious,

      a Rhodesian hippy, talkative,

      Afghan coats, exquisite,

      the exotic sky,

      lapis and clear,

      early November,

      no storm clouds on the horizon.




      Of Spain



      Of Spain, I recall Barcelona,

      the hanging ham cafes,

      art nouveau facades,

      the sunshine, oh the sunshine,

      after a sodden English winter

      the Gaudi cathedral, curious,

      a pristine beach,

      swimming nude in Ibiza

      an Argentinian restaurant,

      a decadent dessert,

      the brilliant scarves of the men,

      a white-washed fonda,

      a maroon-eyed dog by a maroon door,

      chess at night by the sea,

      the March winds,

      the sea breeze




the complete texts of the author are available on the print issue


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