Colourless & The Concept of Beauty, two poems by Abha Iyengar


      From the green forests we came
      Black and lush
      In our beauty—
      Thick lipped, black eyed,
      Muscular and strong.

      From the desert sands we came
      Olive and flush
      In our beauty—
      Strong jawed, sharp eyed,
      Hawk nosed riders of the storm.

      From far flung corners we came,
      Different colors, brushed
      With our beauty—
      And lost it all to the
      White colorless norm.

      Merged into this vision
      Of one color of no color.
      Drained of our identity—
      Blank faced, dull eyed,
      We learnt to conform.

      * * *

      A Concept of Beauty

      We have made love,
      You and I.
      Black silk,
      White muslin.
      Do look beautiful together,
      You say this with a sigh.

      I know what you mean.

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