Please Tell Massuh, poem by Douglas A Holiday

          about Jayne, Glynis and Louise
      He had just sat down
      To have his breakfast
      For the morning and
      Was interrupted by
      Louise, his supervisor,
      Requesting him to come
      With her into a vacant
      Office and before he
      Knew it she was letting
      Into him about what had
      Happened back on Friday
      And here it was five days
      Later and it was Wednesday
      And she had been off on
      Friday and Monday and
      When she returned on Tuesday
      Nothing had been said all day
      And something had been said
      On Friday by that other bitch,
      The head bitch, Jayne, and he had
      Thought that the whole matter
      Had been dropped, but no,
      Now here was this other silly
      Bitch getting in his face about
      Shit that had happened on Friday,
      Shit that wasn’t even his fault,
      But the fault of yet another bitch
      Who chose not to follow directions
      Because she was so damn fat and
      Ugly that obviously the fatness had
      Affected her fat ears and here was
      This silly bitch flapping her fucking gums
      About old shit, old silly shit, about wanting
      Him to kill more trees and he did not do
      That, again because that other Glynis bitch
      Had not followed directions, but blamed him
      And now days later this silly bitch was
      Flapping her gums about how he had been
      Perceived on Friday…, what, perceived,
      And he having to tell her that he could
      Care less how people perceived him,
      For all he cared, people could be telling
      Him that he was perceived
      As a rapist, or a pedophile,
      Or a drug addict, or a drug dealer
      Or a communist, or a thief,
      Or a murderer, on any given
      Day of the week for any month
      Of a full year, he could care less
      But she just went on flapping
      Those gums and telling him
      To lower his voice and to stop
      Raising his voice (which of course
      Was not really raised at all, she
      Just didn’t want him to defend himself)
      And wait a minute, did he hear her
      Correctly, did she just say that the
      Whole copying thing only took
      Twenty minutes…, twenty fucking
      Minutes…???, that’s bullshit,
      No fucking way, so why was he
      Even called to come up two flights
      When the fat assed secretary could
      Have done it in ‘twenty minutes.’
      He was called because he is black
      And it is February, Black History
      Month and he is being reminded
      By this silly bitch
      That he is a slave and supposed to be
      A good black slave, a good grinning,
      Jiggabooing slave, a step and fetch it
      Brand of nigger and not suppose tuh
      Sass back but do whut he is tole tuh do
      And now he just wants to yell into her
      Silly face, Enough! Stop it!
      Please go back upstairs, two flights up,
      And tell massuh dat I ‘se is so sorree
      For not being a good nigger slave, dat
      I will work harder at grinning mo’
      And steppin’ faster, evendo’ I comes
      In here every day of duh week for
      Every munt of duh year for nearly six
      Years now, please go an’ tell massuh,
      Tell all duh massuhs up in here dat
      I’se am so sorree for what I done did
      And dat I wonts do it no mo’.
      Tell dem.

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