Kathleen Voss Woolrich: Drinking wine and the house is on fire & Spanish Leather




    Drinking Wine and the House is on fire


    I am drinking wine and the house is on fire

    I cannot find my shoes

    I made my bed 2 weeks ago

    But I put on my best perfume

    I smell like royalty and my blood runs hot

    But I am in a burning house

    I refuse to flee

    Perhaps I will let the whole thing burn

    Because it never mattered anyway

    I never tasted the wine I needed

    I never got the kisses my lips desired

    So let the damn thing burn

    I just wanted a moment I could remember

    And I am drinking wine as the ceiling falls

    Upon the floor and the floor caves in

    I am drinking wine and the house is on fire





    Spanish Leather


    I want to be a book of pretty pages

    An angel with gossamer ribbons and shiny hair

    But all I am is the girl that sees the angels

    Not flies like one nor sees the clouds

    I want to be a lyric, a book of prose

    A landscape

    But all I can see are landscapes

    I never get to walk among them

    Or perhaps a seascape

    But I would be the crashing shore

    And not the glorious tall boats that shadow the shores

    I want to dance in Spanish boots

    And feel black lace all over my body

    And have roses in my hair

    But all I can do is venture in the garden

    For I am not allowed to live there





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