One Night in Corpus & Lucidity, two poems by Josef Radke

One Night in Corpus

      A wind blows and a rain

        falls in the shape

      of this house.

      A single lamp

        draws every surface

      in this room.

      My touch sketches

        your flesh

      and yours mine.

      My body of salt


      toward the sea.

      Your body of sand


      to the beach.

      The skin is not

        boundary but frontier.

      Lines drawn in

      dust shifting,

        pouring over with

      the intimacy of water.

      Waves collapse
      into no shape at all.


      Try the old trick—
      look at your hands and ask,
      Am I dreaming? If you can’t answer
      No, you’re in control.

      I did it once. Convinced I was
      asleep, I called your name.
      Not too loud in case I wasn’t.
      All that appeared was a red-winged bird.
      In the surrounding dark, glowed
      the yellow eyes of cats.

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