Ode to Incandescence, poem by Jeff Schiff

      O avocado
      that cannot sleep
      through the night in its mesh bowl

      O Sinaloan lychee
      whose brightness confounds
      those who harvest and pack it in perforated pails

      O ancient peach trees
      in abandoned courtyards

      O fat pine splinters
      delivered to any corner room
      to incite the morning stove

      O filaments firing into glass breasts
      in every cantina and hovel and stairwell landing
      O bright frequency of love

      O Tillandsia Eizi spilling lavender
      pups from orchid grafts
      in supersaturated mountain air

      O luminous salts donkeyed
      to market in petate mats
      under hooded prayer

      O anything beyond
      my halved oak doors
      radiant in its unity

      O giving
      over to fruit to mineral truths to the glow
      of whatever comes next

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