Howard Camner, Portals & From this Angle (poems)

      PORTALS She explained in great detail how her necklace was made from the bones of her late lover (for sentimental reasons) And as my head spun in nausea I noticed how she parted her legs enough to entice any man But I wasn't interested in the entrance to Hell I wanted a door I could leave through FROM THIS ANGLE With poisonous bangles and dangerous dreams she moves through my soul like venom and into my heart with ease Love must sting, she believes Love must bleed Love is punishment Her dark eyes hold me still with half-truths and blatant lies Decked out in glittering gold barbed wire she separates man from myth and reaches out as I reach in Our fingertips touch and worlds collide from right to left her skin reads like a parable told by a wanderer her years are centuries her nights are stolen and I, with time at hand talk to the walls, console the beast, and tame the wolf temporarily lost where love is legendary her grip tightens and I feel myself come apart I feel the walls close in I feel the struggle mount and I know that between Heaven and Hell there is no place like her no place at all.

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