Cicada Bugs and Carol & Blind Man in Café, poems by Michael Lee Johnson

      Cicada Bugs and Carol

      I walk this pain and joy
      like a deity with you
      for life it seems inhabits us
      like a run on sentence
      for no assumed reason.
      17 years together
      since the last calling
      of the cicadas-
      nothingness but for their noise,
      loud buzzing wings,
      no reason to stay
      no reason to part.
      We smell
      lilacs bushes
      together briefly-
      take down
      an apple or two-
      ride rusty
      old bicycles together
      to a destination
      neither of us
      have been
      to before.
      Nymphs drop
      to the ground
      and burrow the wood,
      Will I see
      you in 2024?

      Blind Man in Café

      Blind man-
      dancing across
      table tops-
      crooked smile
      on his face-
      searching for
      a seat in a
      crowded corner.

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