Things that tear at you & things that comfort &, at least partially, heal, poem by Lynn Strongin

      Heaven must be stony
      With burins
      Marrow & cairns.

      A haymow
      Once a year in autumn. Some rising, deep falling.

      Crop and Carpenter:
      The woodpecker
      Can teach carpentry.

      Bella's cathedral
      Must be cropped;
      A riding crop, a whip, a jockey bent forward

      Partially healed
      To enter the ale-hall
      The Touch grasses & sorrows

      Hays & sorrows.
      Frost and ice
      Shattered the land

      What made Ireland an island?
      The wall paper
      All around the old wooden railroad car

      How are we to separate exuberance
      From ecstasy
      Ecstasy from essence?

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