New Year's Resolution & Evergreen Peace, poems by Charles Frederickson

      NEW YEAR’S


      As we climb naked
      Shivering in blustery wind
      Vowed promises missing rungs
      Snow birds announcing thaw

      As our flowering trees
      Have forgotten to blossom
      Himalayan myths misty teardrops
      Deep glacial fissure scars

      As we dance around
      And kiss so passionately
      Your lips resurrect hopeful
      Possibility of eternal spring

      As you hover near
      And drain my nectar
      Wounds embrace your flesh
      Sheltered within my petals

      As your palate grows
      Ever richer and deeper
      Our caresses become loving
      Nipped buds fully blooming

      As our joy returns
      Resuming steep upward trek
      May our doubts taproot
      Somewhere else this year


      Secrets of our storybook universe
      Backed into corners unfolding pages
      Flipping through yet-to-be edited chapters Scanning indexes for prophetic solutions

      Chips off old writer’s block
      Bipolar slow unsure glacial meltdown
      What lies beneath monolithic icebergs
      Once upon certainties currently aren’t

      Compromised more-or-less climate change
      Rising global temperatures shifting gears Weather patterns heightened sea levels Extremes increasingly frequent severely intense

      Global warming bodes cataclysmic effects Fact not fiction apocalyptic forecast Taming circus freaks of nature Illusions deled droughty famine stetted

      Uphill struggle pitted against downtrodden Pretending to love each other Forced smiles fake friend betrayals Denying inevitability of sharecropper fate

      Help make our endangered planet
      Safe for diversity uniquely special
      Respectful tolerance our humanistic goal Environmental protection united common cause

      Nothing worth knowing can be
      Taught prefatory wisdom proofread enlightenment Skepticism turned to leap-of-faith derring-do Conviction copyrightable granted literati authority

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