Mother Sits In Her Living Room And Waits & Once, poems by Marty RicKard

      Mother Sits In Her

      Living Room And Waits

      Where mother sits is a dreary place
      scruffy carpet
      frayed couch
      ancient recliner
      ancient bones
      ancient smile
      on an ancient face

      She says she’s too old
      too fat
      too ill
      But her mind hummingbirds
      to the flowers of her youth
      that blossom clearly still

      She tells stories of her childhood
      Ice skating on a farmer’s pond
      Puppy love in country school
      A sleigh ride through snowy wood

      Mother sits in her living room
      and waits
      for what is certain
      Misty eyes gaze through the years
      and a lonely
      yellowed curtain.


      Once a love is forged
      the mold is never broken

      Once you say
      I love you
      the words can never be unspoken

      Once you open up your heart
      and let that special someone in
      that door never closes again

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