Rockets on the Bike Path & The Enlightened Fly, poems by Janice Rubin

Rockets on the Bike


Hiking the bike path
a blast and a whistle above
boys firing rockets in the air
aspiring rocket scientists
little Hindenburgs.

The rocket lands at my feet
broken in half
it must be illegal
the boy with the mop of brown hair
declares "they are legal".

The Iraq war is in full play
headlines in the paper this morning
declared the war would last until spring
a rocket at my feet brings
a message from Gandhi
"become the change you wish to see"
I see the boy later at the grocery store
buying a six pack of crafted imported beer.

The Enlightened Fly

Holding onto the tail
of the horse
moving at a speed so much greater
than each days
erratic buzzing flight
destination, Mt Fuji.

The previous day flitting from
empty rice bowl
to the painted
porcelain tea cup
in the meditation garden.

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