Arlene Ang, At Random

Arlene Ang,  At Random

The same signatures in the guestbooks, like cursive shadows.


Why the long drives into rain? Or the soft screams down the well?


At a distance: the boy-child, the shoelace, the rose petal.


We're caught between two right angles. Blood draws its own enemies.


We're skin, the inadequate theory that couldn't save anyone's life.


We're not the last thing Marat wanted to see underwater.


Origami, and hands that fold the paper into sharp triangular forms.


This eyelash on the mirror marks the 49th day after the flood.


We're all awaiting forgiveness, moon-melt on a piece of breast.





Arlene Ang lives in Venice, Italy where she edits the Italian edition of Niederngasse. Her poetry has been published in Envoi, The Pedestal, Rattle, Smiths Knoll and 2River View. Her first full collection of poetry, "The Desecration of Doves" is available through Amazon and Barnes&Noble.





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