Christiane Bostock

Christiane Bostock

My father, Ramon Conesa, was born in Spain and his family migrated to France when he was a baby. He went back to Spain to fight in the Spanish Civil War, and as a result, was never able to return to Spain. He met my mother, Jeanne Simoens, in a small village near Lyons, in France. They married and had seven children.

I was born and educated in Lyons. As part as my languages degree I went to Wokingham, UK to be a French Assistante doing conversation classes with students. Later I came to Tasmania, the island state of Australia, where I have since lived with my own family.

I became a teacher of French, Spanish, and English Writing, and I am currently teaching at Rosny College. I enjoy sharing my original and adopted languages and cultures with students of all ages.

I have always loved writing and have been enriched by the experience of migration, although the wonderful opportunity to be reborn has proven at times difficult. It is the process of remembering, of observing another culture and other sensitivities, of seeing life unfolding in ways that have not been expected which I try to express in my writing. English is an excellent medium to juxtapose, in an unusual way, words which would have needed many grammatical constraints in French. The freedom that I felt in England when I first visited and the lifting of a carcan were exhilarating and this freedom is present in the language itself. I have many poems, stories and essays published.

I completed my studies at several Universities: in France, Tasmania, Western Australia, and in 2000, I obtained my doctorate in Educational Psychology from Charles Darwin University.

I have been President of the Alliance Française, and President of TAFTAL (Tasmanian Association of French Teachers and Learners), roles that have provided me with an opportunity to promote francophone cultures and the French language.
I love writing poetry and I am hoping that time will not slip out of my fingers too quickly to allow me to share with young people my experience of the joys of life. I shall let them discover for themselves the pains and the sorrows.

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