John Marshall

John Marshall

John M. Marshall
Principal & Founder
Epiphany Arts

5006 Hunt Club Rd Apt 9
Wilmington, NC 28403-0627

Poetry Publications - U.S.
Tribal Soul Kitchen, Beautiful Nuance, Wormwood, Poetry Motel, Charlotte Poetry, Review, Southern Poetry Review, Alpha Beat Soup, Coastal Plains Poetry Review, Orphic Lute, Ingénue, Bouillabaisse, Earthwise, Innisfree, Word Salad, Locust Magazine, King David, Whatever Is Pure, Universal Personality, Quill & Ink, Bone River Cantata, The Lyricist - Campbell University , The Cairn - St. Andrews College , ATD Bulletin - Federal Aviation Administration , Dark Moon Rising, Poetic Rainbows, Ariga, Foliate Oak, Cross Way Publications, Caffeine Destiny, Ujamaa, Swans Commentary, Penwood Review, Poetic Voices, Autumn Leaves, Underground Window, Beautiful Nuance, Arabesques

Poetry Publications – Other
Germination – Canada
Panda Poetry – Wales
Flowing Mist – Romania
Open Wide –England
Mageworld – England
Poetry, Songs and Writers of Scotland

Short Story Publications
Germination – Canada
Tintota – Australia
Word Salad – U.S.
afterDinner – U.S.

Writing Awards:
1992- Charles A. Shull Award- NC Poetry Society
1993- Caldwell W. Nixon, Jr. Award- NC Poetry Society
1994- North Carolina Poet Laureate Award- NC Poetry Society
1994- Charles A. Shull Award- NC Poetry Society
1995- Charles A. Shull Award- NC Poetry Society
2004- Poets’ Choice Award- Beautiful Nuance Magazine

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