Maggie McHale

Maggie McHale

I am originally from Liverpool in the United Kingdom, a city rich in poetry and music, with its own distinctive lilt and rhythm. I return regularly to see my family and friends.

I have lived in Coventry, UK, for 23 years with my partner Pete. Coventry was badly bombed during World War 2, as a result of which the cathedral was destroyed, only the spire surviving as a symbol of hope. From the ruins, a Phoenix arose in the form of a new cathedral and a determination to strive for peace. As the City of Peace and Reconciliation, Coventry has fostered co-operation and understanding nationally and internationally. I am proud to play a small part in the peace movement, so war and our seeming addiction to war is close to my heart.

I studied the war poets at school, and particularly loved Wilfred Owen. He could capture the soul of man, in all his beauty and complexity, even in the midst of our most dreadful, incomprehensible, downright insane inhumanity.

I have devoured books of all kinds since I was a child, always preferring fiction, novels and poetry, to facts. Books have never let me down, and continue to be a doorway to that other world of magic and awe, even then their subject is the gravest. Writing also allows access to that world, once I've shut off the voice of the critic in my head.

I am a member of Coventry Writers Group, writing poems and short stories. I have read my work on BBC Radio Coventry and Warwickshire, and another local station. My poems have also been published in a local magazine and a book for new writers.
Professionally, I trained as a social worker and currently work for a charity that supports disabled children and their families.

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