Mary Williams

Mary Williams

Mary Williams: I live with my first and only husband (how did I manage that!) in a strange little house in Shropshire full of paintings, shared with the fourth of our four sons. I dig our allotment and run errands for sick neighbours, travel when I can (Cuba, New Zealand, Sicily recently) and write with monotonous regularity every day. I am known for my sense of humour and ability to find edible mushrooms, catch shrimps and cook huge meals at the drop of a hat. I’ll always go to events – bikers’ Bugsplatz meets, dog races, game fairs, line dancing – that are likely to give me a different perspective, and I write copious notes afterwards. I organise a writers’ group and poems and pints evening here, and fritter my time and money away on car boot sales, entertaining friends and buying useless items on e bay.

Brief biographical details:

• Mother deaf, father narcissistic genius; childhood difficult.
• Bank clerk (gruesome). Care worker (interesting but poorly paid). Sixties hippy student teacher (fun). Studied Art and English. (Tutor Alan Brownjohn). Met husband. Bummed around Europe and North Africa. Teacher in Hackney, London (exhausting).
• Kids, poverty and juggling jobs.
• Move to Lancashire. More kids, less poverty, more work. Gave up teaching.
• Ran market stall and craft business.
• Training in psychotherapy (testing). Marital and sexual therapy, training and supervision (very testing!) Worked in mental health and allied fields for twenty years, writing at night or early morning. Published book reviews, articles, stories.
• MA in Writing Studies, Edge Hill, 1999
• University of Central Lancashire UK as staff counsellor /lecturer/ trainer. Move to Market Drayton.
• Commissioned by Sheldon to write a book about marriage Make Up or Break Up 2002
• Novella The Watcher erotic fantasy, Black Lace Publisher, 2003
• Overcoming Impotence published by Sheldon, September 03.
• Poetry published (Flarestack, Lexicon, The People’s Poet, Decanto, Pulsar, Borderlines etc ) Three poetry prizes last year, two this year.
• Unconfirmed Reports From Out There, a collection of short stories, published individually in Darkness Rising, Horror Masters, New Fiction, Dark Tales, Wild Child etc
• Just Me And Marilyn won first prize for an opening chapter at Birmingham Library Undiscovered Authors competition.
• Prize Pelt recently won the Dark Tales horror fiction prize and publication.
• The Broilerhouse (renamed The Marsh People) won runner-up in Appenticeships in Fiction recently.

Mary V. Williams, The Cottages, 54 Frogmore Road, Market Drayton, Shropshire TF9 3AU 01630 657055

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