David Smith

Dr David Smith

Dr David Smith

Dr David Smith BSc (Hons) PhD FRSA is a director-cameraman and writer specializing in broadcast television documentaries, radio broadcasts, books and articles on science, social issues and the environment. With more than a decade spent as a research physiologist and lecturer in zoology at The University of Melbourne, David published more than 35 research papers and worked in Australia, Canada, Sweden and on the Amazon River in Brazil.

People, people everywhere, and not a drop to drink: the folly of humanity’s disconnection with our underlying biology

Almost twenty years ago, during filming for Earthwatch on ABC TV, I stood knee-deep in water in a semi-submerged office constructed 20 metres offshore at Williamstown near Melbourne.
The point of the exercise? To drive home in a graphic – if deliberately tongue-in-cheek way – the seriousness of possible implications of global warming.

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