To the Diplomats, poem published Douglas Alexander Holiday

      Why didn’t you stay there,
      why didn’t you remain
      why did you leave
      when the going got tough
      If you truly believed that
      this War is unjust and illegal
      why didn’t you stay
      and stand in the center of Baghdad
      and proclaim,
      kill us, while you kill them
      Why didn’t you diplomats stay
      and you inspectors
      and you journalists
      and you relief workers
      why not stay and say
      we have to die with them
      because we were here
      trying to help them
      Your President is wrong
      the wrong man for this job
      a thug and a bully who will
      take a gang of others
      to topple this innocent country
      and you left
      leaving those people to
      find their own means of survival
      You returned to your true nature
      again incapable of decency or morality
      and if all of you would have
      stood standing in Iraq
      he would have went home
      But now it’s endgame
      and there’s no turning back
      and if America attacks or invades Iraq
      you will have to share the blame
      because you left
      you wouldn’t stay and make a stand
      Why did you all leave
      why did you leave the land

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