He Remembers 4th of July & Hunting Wild Turkey, poems by Mei-Li Liu

      He Remembers 4th

      of July

      Between barbed wire and prison
      At penitentiary of Birmingham Freedom rings

      Stormy night
      Thunder, down pour rain
      Nature takes its course.

      Can a black man
      Flee this place?
      But his life is in their hands
      His knuckles crouch
      On bloody barbed wire

      Alarm goes out
      Gun fires terrify him
      “I got to get out of this place
      Believe or not I have to
      See my baby and my woman.”

      On barbed wire,
      He tastes butter and bread.
      On barbed wire,
      He feels clean clothes on his skin.
      On barbed wire,
      He smells fragrance of jasmine
      On barbed wire,
      His testes piece of apple pie.

      A guardsman drags him
      Back to the big house
      He remembers 4th of July, 1963
      Of Birmingham , Alabama

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