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Weep For Wings, poem by Marty RicKard

Oh cottonwood
you raker of the breeze
with brittle noisy
shield-shaped tongues
you whisper through
your spidery veins
at the sky

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The Road Not Taken- The Reincarnation, poem by Joseph DeMarco

The False Prophet took a piece of paper out of his pocket. It was a poem. While writing it, he remembered, he felt like he was solving a puzzle. Originally, when Joe Kaye first developed the theory that he had left a message for himself in a past life, he thought he might have been Robert Frost. He had written this poem, to either prove that he was or wasn’t the reincarnation of Robert Frost.

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Robinsonism, poem by Robert Hill Long

There’s a Robinson in Tulsa
milking Toggenburg goats. And one
in Sri Lanka, peeling cinnamon.
A Filipino Robinson impales tourist

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On Turning Deuce Deuce & Parting Yellows and Blues, poems by Drew Kalbach

Sitting on metal chairs under
an umbrella, we watch the lightning
crack in the sky like flint.
She takes off her makeup
with chlorine and pink towels,
the rain bouncing off the roof
and dropping like snow

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