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Sestina, poem published by Jane Joritz-Nakagawa

Not wanting to be an open book
We hide, like forgotten clothes, the passion
we consumed, until the house of which we recently have tired
collapses before we fully escape it. The remains of this life,
waiting like a meal, are pushed
aside for some semblance of predictable help

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To the Diplomats, poem published Douglas Alexander Holiday

Why didn’t you stay there,
why didn’t you remain
why did you leave
when the going got tough
If you truly believed that
this War is unjust and illegal
why didn’t you stay
and stand in the center of Baghdad

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She Named Him Hermes, poem published by Alison Eastley

It wasn't that he was mercurial
although he liked to think she fancied
his intellect,
the idea he had winged feet,
that he flew through the night and by morning
looked so mild

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Fallow Deer on Sidney Spit, poem published by Kim Goldberg

Their browse line tortures the island
like a Victorian corset, cinching
spill of green to trim waist
rising four feet from ground. Every
leaf and blade ripped clean
away, native plantscape stripped naked

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