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A Living & Questions of Desire, poems published by Mercedes Lawry

Sleek cat, she curves her water-bones
around the man, thrusts
her cupped palm. He waves her off.
Threading the crowd, she vanishes
past a shoulder and a moon-face.
She makes her eyes go dead.

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Juliet, poem published by Nora Nadjarian

The moon faces you like a spotlight.
You’re on the stage of your balcony
missing the admiration of Romeo.
You take in the unmusic of the traffic;

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I am the perfect tourist, poem published by Ruth Knafo Setton

observing fiesta through slits
in my mask no one knows me
cares who my father is
why I have no wedding ring

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A child's room contains her history, poem published by Lynn Strongin

Boxes of locked dolls.
Metal tins.
Sprockets & wheels, chains.
Child's gothic cathedral
Of stone-nests
Feeling slightly Quasi-Modoish: Gold Dreams.

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