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Maelstrom and I Take This Proof as Sound, poems published by Laura LeHew

entering into fall you I we become a dragon
breathing icicles thirsting
for the pleasures of the flesh heart psyche
to be set free

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Sky Woman Threatens to Interrupt Your List-Making, poem published by Katherine Grace Bond

She makes raspberries a small occasion
Or a walk the night of the Leonids,
A crock of pickles.
You want to say
Shame on her
Succumbing to seduction.

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Deuce, poem published by Jessica Restaino

She looked down the tumult that was her body. And she saw halves.
The right side of her belly was flat,
sucked back as she had pushed the first baby
out into the world.

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Pool Side, poem published by Jane Wood

They who of course did not belong
Sauntered down the old stone steps
Red hair swinging, bikinis, and a smile
Because the boys had said
We’ll see you at the Club
They who of course did not belong
Had spent hours planning the breaking and entering.

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