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Begging the Question & Attachments, poems by Jane Williams

who worries over this woman
fingering you are my sunshine
on the piano accordion
squat as an invalid’s breakfast tray
above her outsized lap
track suited against the swank
of the commonwealth bank

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Do Not Confuse the Word Climacteric With the Word Climactic & Bride to Groom, poems by Eleanor Wormwood

Both of which were found in the dictionary
while looking up the word cliche because a poet
friend called another poet friend a cliche
(a person or character whose behavior is
predictable or superficial).

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I asked you for a quince & Blagovest Bells, Red Crows, poems by Janet Norman Knox

You said, Yes, that was all
I needed the promise

    of Caspian Sea.

I asked the quince for red
buds, all I needed

    bark with bud like berries like blood.

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White Crosses, poem by Deborah Strozier

One stood alone,
three beside the oak tree.
A few dotted
turquoise pastures,
fields, a dozen scattered
around hairpin
curves to the college campus.

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