english poetry

Teaching at a military college, poem Bonnie Robinson

Students recording materiel
I their CO-teacher
keeping balance amid
women in camouflage
men in cover
covering material in obliquity

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Ganesh Chaturthi, poem by Cheryl Snell

On a palanquin lofted
by four garlanded men,
the pot-bellied Elephant God
leads a seaward procession.

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Conformity & Psychoanalyst, poems by Chris Crittenden

faces are wax
oozed from the wick
in all spines.
foreheads are walls,
lips tubes, cheeks slugs,
hands roots
clasping each other’s mazes.

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White Moth, poem by Michelle Morgan

She sits still and breathes like
the white moth settled on the
thigh of her jeans, its wings
unfolding and folding, unfolding
and folding, slowly, the smell of
cloves and vanilla listing on the
breeze. She read somewhere that
moths hold the souls of the dead
inside them, that the ram of their
small bodies against the light is
the soul searching for heaven.

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