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The Colour of Words & Poem to a Leaf, two poems by Josef Lesser

Tell me the colour of words, the rainbow phrases splashed across the daily canvas, like when seagulls skate through lilac clouds and desert crabs hone their calligraphy skills across the burnt sienna sand.

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Gods & On your New Life, two poems by David Taylor

I gave up on god years ago,
her with

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Legacy & Lemon People, two poems by Carol Carpenter

Bones blanch white in desert sun.
Skulls testify, mourn flesh and rivers
of blood that stain rock sunset red.
The sky is on fire, a desolate orange.

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i wrote this dream for you & in the veins of our sleep, poems by Stephen Troyanovich

on the other side of the sky
bathed in softness
forever falls
filled with the music
of your voice…
somewhere nearing tomorrow’s pain

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