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Will history vindicate Bush? by Eric Koo

In a rare occasion in his presidency for 5 years thus far, President Bush finally admitted publicly that at least 30,000 Iraqis and 2140 US troops have died by mid December 2005 as a consequence of his decision to launch the Iraq War in 2003. The results were far from unpleasant, as Republicans and Democrats both applauded and demonstrated approval.

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The changing face of warfare in the post Cold War Period, by Eric Koo

The military historian John Keegan called the Second World War the first industrialized war in the history of mankind. It was the first modern war, or series of battles, in which state resources were mobilized, populations conscripted towards the ends of making war, and weapons mass produced in factories. The future political landscape of the world, in effect, also relied on the military outcomes of battles fought by opposing armies on the battlefield.

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Change needed to maintain relevance for NATO, by Eric Koo

In late April 2006, in the capital city of Bulgaria, the USA has proposed extending the membership of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to also invite selected nations in the Asia Pacific region, such as Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea, into the alliance. The US proposal, however, has met with considerable reluctance, if not outright opposition, from NATO’s European member nations.
What really truly matters is whether the proposed potential members in Asia Pacific are willing to join in NATO, given its current peacekeeping commitments in Sudan, Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Lessons learnt from the Israeli-Hizbollah conflict, by Eric Koo

"Starting with a tiger’s head and ending with a snake’s tail.” This Chinese saying aptly describes the conclusion of the Israeli-Hizbollah conflict that lasted more than a month, and which killed around 1719 and wounded about 5479 people on all sides in total.
International pressure and outrage at bombings on Lebanese civilians

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