A Friend Writes, poem by Renato Rosaldo

I look for you in your office.
A suite donated by a magnate.
The man gets whatever he wants.

Vines spread through your office
in the wing of an outdoor bungalow
on a small incline. Below, outside a fence,
people look up in admiration.
The man gets whatever he wants.

Yellow flowers blossom outside your office
around a tiny blackboard hanging from a wire.
Words written in chalk, calaca orthography, your name.
On the sofa inside your suite a woman
stretches into shapes of delicious temptations.
(Are you cross-dressing?)
On a table in the foyer there are pastries
like little wedding cakes that say congratulations.
One mocks the statue of liberty, another the Eiffel Tower.
The woman explains.
I walk below outside the fence and admire your office.
Inside the decor is (of course) Mexicano.
The man gets whatever he wants.

Then my doggie woke me up.
Did you paint your apartment?

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