Volume 01 Issue 02

Stacey McKenna

Stacey McKennaStacey McKenna is a graduate student at McGill University in Montreal, pursuing degrees in Nursing and Medical Anthropology. After years of brief stints and vagabonding from New York to Essaouira to Vienna, she will be settling down for a while, discovering the Montreal spoken word scene and working on self-publishing a chapbook, which will be available from Lulu.com.

Ann Fraser

Ann FraserMemories that rise and shudder, moths compelled to flail against a lighted window, moments shed, a succession of quick small breaths as light burns, then ages into something cold - and yet we imagine. Moment in Dying This was nothing but the dream of winter, dark chambers, white grief that made a place of you

Jnana Hodson

Jnana HodsonPublication of his novel, Ashram: Adventures on a Yoga Farm (an ebook from PulpBits.com), has Jnana standing on his head. He also finds that literary writing is like prayer or composting, something to be done for its own practice more than any result. Besides, they all seem to go at their own slow pace.

Christopher Mulrooney

Christopher Mulrooney has written poems and translations in The Drunken Boat, Burning Leaf, Segue, Chiron Review, and Los Angeles Journal, criticism in Parameter, Small Press Review, and The Film Journal, and a volume of verse called notebook and sheaves (AmErica House, 2002).

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