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Jason Lee

Jason Lee

Jason Lee is the author of the double volume The Metaphysics of Mass Art-Cultural Ontology (New York: Mellen, 1999) and Pervasive Perversions- Child Sexual Abuse in Media/Culture. He is also the author of five collections of poetry and was a prize winner in the 2005 Salisbury Arts Festival.

Baby Grow, story by CJP Lee

“Spare any change?” chanted the pavement outside the tube exit.
Jan wondered if he could change. All he could see today from his pigeon-like eyes was smeared grey. The ground was splattered with pieces of discarded gum. Wasn’t the stuff made out of bird shit? Half of London must have given up smoking and taken up chewing crap. Jan glared in close up as the bovine chins slopped from side to side and realised the horror of inhuman humans masticating en masse.

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