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Globalization and its impact on South East Asia, by Eric Koo Peng Kuan

What exactly is globalization? Is globalisation a cure to the woes of the world?
Simply defined, globalization is the increased international or inter-societal interaction.
Above all, it is an idea that no entity in the world, be it a state, nation, society, people or tribe, may exist in complete isolation without interaction and discourse with other world elements.

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A History of globalisation, by Eric Koo Peng Kuan

A Chinese saying states that, “One person’s plans are limited, but many people’s thoughts may do wonders.” A bit far fetched, true, and one can actually argue against such a statement. But essentially, the saying meant that many ideas are better than only one. And this point is proven by man’s perpetual habits to hold meetings in a group to trash things out whenever he cannot decide on an important issue. Thus, in our modern, pragmatic society, we are concerned with adopting the proven method that works best in any issue.

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