African American Literature

Please Tell Massuh, poem by Douglas A Holiday

He had just sat down
To have his breakfast
For the morning and
Was interrupted by
Louise, his supervisor,
Requesting him to come
With her into a vacant
Office and before he
Knew it she was letting
Into him about what had
Happened back on Frida

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The High and Mighty, poem by Douglas A Holiday

How high up in this building
at 478 Central Park West
did the two of you live,
looking down onto the park
and the pedestrians each day,
imagining yourselves not part of the lower classes

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It is a wonder, poem by Douglas Alexander Holiday

I am going to write
your poem,
because I saw you
on Today,
looking dignified
and speaking the words
that many in the world
need to hear
but only a few have
dared you to say,
speaking words of peace

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Cache, poem by Peggy Ann Tartt

Sometimes when I think I’m over it,
When I think my heart and mind have healed,
When I catch myself laughing extravagantly
As though without a care in the world,
I sneak back to that small cave inside me

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