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Vladimir Nahitchevansky

Vladimir Nahitchevansky has 2 texts published.

Nichole Van Beek: Glam Math Interview by Maxwell Taylor-Milner

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This interview was conducted by Maxwell Taylor-Milner in Nichole van Beek’s studio in Ridgewood, New York on June 13th, 2017.

MTM: To begin at the beginning, something you’ve alluded to in the past are pieces that were more photo driven. I’ve seen some pieces from 2010 that had photographs with patterns overlaid on them that seemed to be connected to your current paintings but I was wondering if you could talk about those early pieces and the transition from using images to working solely in paint.

NVB: I think I’ve always flipped back and forth between doing photography and drawing or painting by hand–all through undergrad and then after. But as an undergrad, I had this idea that I had to learn a technical skill, so I put a lot of emphasis on learning photography and video. I was also doing computer animation at that time but I went to art school because I loved to draw and paint.

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Texas Geisha and Other Poems, by Vladimir Nahitchevansky

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Texas geisha

Holy shit! I translate Ancient Greek in my sleep…
But my grandfather… I’m weak.
But my grandfather he can break a walnut
With his knuckles.

Haiku memories— speak softly when I am 60.

Meanwhile in Texas, my Uncle drives out
After a divorce into the desert and hangs himself
From a Palo Verdes.


Is what the Brujo said when they found him.

Twelve days I laid in bed like a frog, dreaming
In Greek. While my grandfather raked leaves
In the rain.

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