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A Book of Rooms by Kobus Moolman

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a book of roomsThemes such as childhood, fear, age, race, culture, freedom, romance and innocence are cemented in the ideologies at play in A Book of Rooms, the seventh volume of poetry by prolific South African poet, Kobus Moolman. Broken into four sections titled “who”, “what”, “why” and “when”, the poems, each beginning with the catch phrase “the room of…” lure Moolman’s reader into what appears to be a long narrative poem experimenting with biography and history. Natal, a region in South Africa, is repeatedly referenced as the speaker’s hometown. In obvious terms, the better one is acquainted with South Africa’s troubled past with apartheid, the better one gets at appreciating the deftness and simplicity in language that Moolman applies to his verse. Each poem depends on vignettes and images that make the reader a participant and witness in the experiences captured.

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