A suicide car bomber attack kills 20 iraqis

Placeholder. A suicide bomber blew up a fuel truck outside a police centre in the Iraqi city of Mosul on Thursday, killing 11 people, and rebels fired mortar rounds at another station in coordinated attacks, police and doctors said.
The blast, heard across Mosul, a flashpoint of militants north of Baghdad, left nine charred bodies and wounded 26 people, police said.

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Stand up against poverty

School children in Gaza, cricket fans in India and African church-goers have helped set a Guinness world record for "the largest number of people to 'stand up against poverty,'" U.N. officials said on Tuesday.

The record was set when 23,542,614 people stood up as part of 11,646 organized events around the world during a 24-hour period this week, according to the official Guinness verification text, released at a U.N. news conference.

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Iraqi religious and political leaders Meeting in Saudi Arabia

As it prepares to host a meeting of Iraqi religious and political leaders, Saudi Arabia has spoken out against what it indicates as plans to divide Iraq into autonomous regions, roughly divided along ethnic and sectarian lines, local daily Arab News reports.

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International movie star Omar Sharif defends Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood

Placeholder. The Muslim Brotherhood does not represent a threat to freedom of expression, veteran actor Omar Sharif declared.

Sharif, 74, an Egyptian Christian who converted to Islam in adulthood, has been the subject of threats by Islamist groups for his recent appearance in an Italian biblical TV epic playing St Peter. "I have know them for a long time and I remember that some members of the organizations in the 1950s were like me passionate about the avant garde in cinema and theatre" he said.

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The Chicago International Film Festival attributed to Agha Farhadi

The Chicago International Film Festival ends this week, with the award for Best Film going to Iranian director Asghar Farhadi's "Fireworks Wednesday."
Michael Kutza, founder and artistic director of the festival, announced the winners for this year at the Feature Film Competitions.

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Ten U.S. troops killed in Iraq on Tuesday

The U.S. military announced on Wednesday the deaths of 10 U.S. troops in Iraq on Tuesday, an unusually bloody day for American soldiers battling sectarian violence and a Sunni Arab insurgency.

The rise in U.S. deaths in Iraq coincides with the run-up to U.S. congressional elections next month, in which the Iraq war has become a major issue. President George W. Bush's popularity has been hurt by growing discontent over the war.

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