On Colonialism and Colleagues, by M. Shahid Alam

I will set down an encounter (from the early 1990s) with a colleague at Northeastern University that carries some useful lessons about how our views of history can be shaped by our kinship to it.
Even in academic circles, conversations remain fairly mundane in this country. Politics, which is the first and, often, the only subject of conversation in Pakistan, almost never comes up for discussion here. Momentous events pass unremarked. I would never have found out from talking to my colleagues, whether at lunch or in the corridors, that there were changes taking place in the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe or China which would alter the world forever.

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A new human H5N1 case of bird flu discovered in Egypt

Ministry of Health spokesperson Sayyid Abbasi said that "people are sticking to their habits, and they are forgetting our message."

Earlier this year, the Egyptian government and international agencies embarked on a nation-wide campaign to persuade the population not to keep poultry inside their homes.

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Chris DeWolfe, CEO of MySpace announced that it is sponsoring "Rock for Darfur"

Placeholder. The networking site MySpace announced that it is sponsoring "Rock for Darfur," a fundraising project including concerts across the United States.
At least 20 concerts are scheduled on Oct.21.

MySpace also plans a public service commercial featuring Samuel L.Jackson to be shown in movie theaters in October and has created a "Rock for Darfur" page on its site with video footage from George Clooney's trip to Darfur and footage from an upcoming documentary, "The Devil Came on Horseback."

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A major exhibition celebrates Islam’s cultural legacy in the Italian art city of Venice

A major exhibition being held in the Italian art city of Venice until 18 February aims to showcase Islamic civilization in the Middle Ages and highlight its interplay with Western culture and civilization across eight centuries.

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Mohammed Khatami visit to Vatican postponed until December

The visit of former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami to Rome, scheduled on 25 October, has been postponed until the beginning or mid December, after Pope Benedict XVI returns from his trip to Turkey, Vatican sources said.

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World Islamic Conference condemns Danish state TV video

Placeholder. The 57-nation Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) on Monday condemned a new round of Danish cartoons ridiculing Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him), saying the values of tolerance were shrinking in Europe.

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