Deadline: November 15th, 2006. Before you submit please do your homework. if press is about poetry and (short) story. We do not publish books, we publish chapbooks. What’s the difference? Page count for one thing. The maximum number of pages in an if press chapbook is 32. Chapbooks are small books of poetry or story. All chapbooks published by if press are hand made and hand bound. if press receives no funding – it’s me, my printer and the web working with you, the writer. Publishing chapbooks is not a get rich quick kind of thing – as I have said many times before, it is more a labor of love. I love books, I love poetry and story and I love to see people’s voices seen and heard. Payment for publishing your chapbook is a combination of free books and a small royalty. Print runs are usually 100 with a potential second printing. Selling price: $10 to 12 depending on materials and contents. Publishing a chapbook is an enriching process both for the writer and the editor as the process of selecting and editing the work evolves and the chapbook forms. submission guidelines Please submit an entire chapbook manuscript: 16 to 20 pages of poetry or short story (or a mix of the two). In terms of word count for a chapbook made up of one or more short stories - roughly 2 to 3 short stories of 3000 words or up to 10,000 words for one story. Each poem should be on it’s own page. Please number pages. Each page should have a header with your name, email and phone number. Please use discretion in choosing font and font size: the standard is 12 pt Times New Roman. Submit your poetry as you would like to see it spaced ie. don't put it in double spacing when it is meant for single spacing. Poetry is somewhat visual this way. For stories, please double space for ease of reading. Each submission should come with a cover letter that includes your name, address, phone number and email with a paragraph on the underlying theme or thread in the work submitted (what I call a “poet’s statement”) a short biography publishing history including notation if any of the poems submitted have been published in magazines etc. Please THINK before you submit. Is your work ready? I cannot say more than yay or nay once I go through a manuscript. I cannot edit or otherwise comment on the content. If you require feedback please start with a writing group or writer-friend who can help you. Does your work reflect the philosophy of if press? If you think you’re ready and you have it all together please mail your manuscript (unfolded) to
if press PO Box 43061 DVPO Calgary, Alberta T2J 7A7
Please include a stamped self addressed envelope (Canadian stamps please) if you want your manuscript returned. Deadline: November 15th, 2006 Please note: no email submissions will be accepted at this time. If you have questions you can email me, the editor