The London Magazine UK seeks stories, poems, articles and critical reviews of the arts in the UK and abroad. Short stories, features, memoirs, critical articles: 5000 words max; poetry: 800 lines max. Payment: negotiated with editor.
Contributions to the magazine in literature and the arts are both welcome and invited, but they will neither be considered nor replied to without a sufficient Stamped Addressed Envelope or an envelope plus sufficient International Reply Coupons. Submissions by email are not acceptable, nor will they be replied to, except in special circumstances agreed in advance with the editor. All submissions must be accompanied by a stamped and addressed envelope. Sufficient international reply-paid coupons must be enclosed, if work is required to be returned. In general, a mimimum of 3 coupons is necessary for type-scripts of 5 A5 pages.
When commissioned, submissions should be sent by e-mail as a .doc file attached to a covering message. No file should be larger than 500k. If your work is larger, please compress it with a package such as WinZip or similar. We also accept floppy disks and CD-ROMs. Images should be submitted in .TIFF format, maximum size A5 @ 600dpi. Please note: there will be NO colour reproduction in the magazine apart from the front cover.
If you use a Mac computer, please ensure that you send a file which can be opened and read by our PC equipment. If you send a floppy disk, you will need to ensure that it is formatted to be read by a PC. There are usually no difficulties in reading CDs.
Format of reviews
Please put the following information in the order below at the top of your review:

  • Name you wish to appear under
  • Head title you would like for your review
  • Title of book being reviewed
  • Name of author
  • Publisher
  • Number of pages and cover price (do not convert foreign currencies to sterling)

Rough guide to textual conventions

  • Single inverted commas for all speech marks unless. further quotations within direct speech.
  • Single inverted commas for short quotations.
  • Longer quotations indented by 1/2 inch.
  • Ordinary paragraph breaks to be made with a single carriage return - not line spaces.
  • Section breaks only to be marked with a line space.
  • All publications to be referred to in italics.


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