Terrorism and Migration, Interdisciplinary Conference, School of Humanities, University of Southampton, UK, 17-18 November 2007

Contemporary anxieties about terrorism in the mainstream media and politics have clearly articulated the war against terrorism and the struggle for global security to the control of immigration, as well as the criminalisation of Islam. As A. Sivanandan has argued in a recent article, 'the war on asylum and the war on terror [...] have converged to produce a racism which cannot tell a settler from an immigrant, an immigrant from an asylum speaker, an asylum speaker from a Muslim, a Muslim from a terrorist'. In response to the conflation of discourses of counter-terrorism, global security and the control of migration, this conference invites papers from any area of the humanities and the social sciences that are related to the following topics:

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Debating the Difference: Gender, Representation and Self-Representation, 5-6th September 2007, University of Dundee, Scotland

An interdisciplinary event hosted by the Scottish Word and Image Group (SWIG) and the Women, Culture and Society Programme (WCS)

The overall aim of this conference will be to generate a nuanced and critical dialogue for assessing constructions of gender in text and image via a multi-disciplinary approach relating literary and visual media, as well as theory and practice.

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Transverse: Comparative Literature Journal invites submission of essays (Calls for Submission)

Transverse, a graduate literary journal of the Centre for Comparative Literature at the University of Toronto, invites submissions of essays, literary reviews, and creative writing (short stories, poetry, short plays) for the next issue, to be published in Spring 2007.

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Children's Literature & Modernism (a Special Issue of CHILDREN'S LITERATURE ASSOCIATION QUARTERLY

Stream of consciousness, fragmentation, multi-media experimentation, multiple perspectives, cityscapes, shifting boundaries of time and space, making it new, recycling the old. Modernism pursues new ways of seeing -- and often through the pages of children’s literature.

This special issue of _Children's Literature Association Quarterly_ invites submissions on any aspect of children's literature during the modernist period, 1890-1945. Topics may include:

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CFP: Call for papers, Poetics of the Artifact, deadline: 2 February 2007

CFP: In many ways, poetry can be approached as the forgotten artifact in the cluttered basement of the popular literary genres. It conceals more than it reveals but it often has the potential to open the floodgates of possibility with a single monad: an object leads to a thought, a memory, a word, a letter, a comma, or a space. The carved ivory swans left behind by an extinct civilization prompt Al Purdy’s wandering “Lament for the Dorsets,” just as the stone hammer which sits atop Robert Kroetsch’s desk becomes the site of sustained poetic exercise. From Keats’ Grecian urn, to Sharon Olds’ “Photographs Courtesy of the Fall River Historical Society,”

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