I am going to write
      your poem,
      because I saw you
      on Today,
      looking dignified
      and speaking the words
      that many in the world
      need to hear
      but only a few have
      dared you to say,
      speaking words of peace
      to nations deemed evil
      by this president and other
      old broken-down evil men

      How dare you speak peace
      when the men love their wars
      and death and carnage and destruction,
      loving the killing
      and hating the peacemonger,
      King Bush wanting his coffers
      filled to overflowing
      with enough ransom to
      make his wars last forever,
      summoning you to kneel before
      him and do his bidding
      or be beheaded

      It is a wonder
      that upon your return
      to the kingdom
      you were not met by knights,
      chained and molested,
      dragged off to a dungeon
      beneath the castle
      made to sign a document
      of treason to the realm
      and then
      beaten to death