I should be sleeping


Squirrel taps the fence

calls for more sunflower seeds


Dizzie Gillespie and Joan of Arc wing

through invisible curtains


...exhale on fall, puff and click


Break and bleed


Asphalt in the coffee cup


I dive into the aquarium

Read poetry to the sharks


You blow your nose

into a roll of toiletpaper


                                   Trilobites and white fungus

Sugar snap peas!

Otters, tamarind and other legumes


Wake up, Goddammit!


The congregation kneels

at the edge of the great chasm

between blood and intellectual feasibility


A boy walks his spotted dog down by the creek

How did transparency get so complicated?


If we’re opposed to the war

then we should stop the war


Mall culture


Wireless amelioration

Scorpion on the sink


Finally it’s afternoon
Stomach empty

Yogurt beaten senseless by antibiotic


There’s no better cure for greed than starvation


What do you believe in?


Roses aren’t necessarily red, yellow, white

There’s lilac and orange sherbert




Red Ribbons


I discover something permanent

But don’t know what to do with it


Blue butterflies crowd around bell pepper and tomato plant

The neighbor washes bird poop off his car


Who’s your daddy?

“Mother Nature. . .”


Redwoods, madrone, oak

and a telephone pole


I look for an answer to life

in Bob Kaufman’s “Cranial Guitar”




The TV inspires fear and paranoia

Corporations own the key to our salvation

Own the bombs and communication

Own the oil


Doodling makes me forget myself

I move the living rock, lithops, into the shade

There are two varieties with different care needs

trying to survive in the same clay pot


I’m looking for an ecological compromise


Doodling inspires diplomacy

but doesn’t require it


I like to draw little lines


“Are you sleeping? Are you sleeping”


Pesty jays and crows caw and caw







Where can I get a salad for lunch?


In market places, bus stops,

funerals on any corner of the world

Prices rise and we’re better off for it


A purple petunia blossoms from a skull.