1. Satellites are orbiting the room Satellites are orbiting the room sending signals from afar. We all want to be big, big stars but our celestial navigation is marred by terrestrial limitations. Still we will with frequency and faith probe the deepest reaches of our outer space, searching for new moons and signs of life beyond this room and the inevitable night. 2. Let sleeping dogs lie “You’re not so smart,” she said. “Or at least as smart as you pretend to be,” she said shaking a stick at me. I wasn’t offended by her remarks. It seemed as good a place as any for us to start a dialogue. “If you’re so smart, why did you run over my dog?” she said. “I didn’t run over any dog,” I said. “Well, why’s he lying in the driveway that way?” “Well, because he’s dead.” “Dead?” she said, sounding surprised. “Then you did run over him.” “No,” I said. “Things die sometimes of natural causes. Maybe he was old,” I said somewhat at a loss. “No, he wasn’t old. I just got him yesterday. He was just a pup. And now, there he is, lying in the driveway squashed. There’s tire tracks running up and down his back. What do you have to say about that?” What could I say if she was going to behave that way? Still I couldn’t help the deep sense of satisfaction I derived from telling her I didn’t drive. “Well, how did you get here,” she asked. “Fly?” “I walked,” I said. “Besides that dog has been dead for days.” She pointed the stick to where the dead dog laid. “For days? You don’t say,” she said. “Imagine that? I was supposed to take him for a walk,” she said and began to weep. “All this time I thought he was asleep. Well, now my burden is lifted. What a relief. So we can stay here and talk,” she said. “I don’t know if I can stay here with that dog lying there like that,” I said. “So that’s it?” she said tossing away the stick. “Well, suit yourself. I have to find a new pet.” she said and left. “Not so smart,” I said beneath my breath. “I’m not the one that been trying to play fetch with a dog that’s been dead for over a week.”

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