Afternoon Nap


It is like finding a hole in the universe. A door nobody else knows about.

You swimg it open and crawl through into the streets of a small town. You pass the barbershop. The pharmacy. The bank. The grocery. Maybe a row of grain elevators on the edge of town. All the houses are white.

People are sitting out on their porches as if theyve been expecting you.

They wave and say a few words. Some ask you to come up and visit for a time. They want to know what you were doing before you fell asleep and what you plan on donig when you wake up. Theyre fascinated by it all.

Sleep is the sole religion of this town. Icons of their reclining saints are

everywhere. On Sundays even the infirm gather their pillows and blankets and walk to church to lie down on the pews and worship their great and slumbering god. Its such a pleasant place, you almost hate to leave.


From Judith Pordon.  2004





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