Deprived Childhood

      Little big men pre-teen rebels
      Playing virtual reality star-warrior games Wooden salutes bent on destruction Roughneck peg leg slivers removed

      Boy toys hawk-eyed falconry prey
      Pointed wings exacting swift revenge
      Claw hammers adapted for seizure
      Striking terror in faint-hearted innocence

      Twisted tiercels coiled atop pedestal
      Pampering mothers favorite son candidates Awakened before sunrise dawning revelations Veiled niqab avoiding almond-lashed contact

      Peregrine hope chest chaste virgins
      Anticipating marital not martial arts
      Eyas feathering nest egg reserve
      Parturition bearing overripe womb fruit

      Clenched right hand noshing mouthfuls
      Treachery stuffed down parched throats
      Unflinching faith gagging free speech
      Force fed smoldering firebrand passion

      Soldiers of misfortune thorny crowns
      Spineless hatemongers prickly heat rash
      Strung out worry beads dripping
      Salty petrified teardrops bloody sweat

      We grow small justifying Greatness
      Bored lives bargaining sold-out anima
      Iffy future far from certain
      Children deserve kismet butterfly kiss


      Victims of circumstance wounded pride
      Knocked senseless by crippling war
      Overcoming obstacles plucky heartstrings satisfied With less hoping for more

      Haunted houses built on crutches
      Raised on stilted ghostly folklore
      Under starless full moon thatch
      Splintered misfit slivered plank floor

      Altar missing confiscated Emerald Buddha Sacred caves petrified images galore Ceremoniously sanctified by Buddhist monks Blest consecration inscribed atop door

      Familial abandon unjust spellbound curse Simple subsistence routine daily chore Parched uncultivated sticky rice fields Steep climbs left to explore

      Overripe vulnerable “tweens” pubescent rebels Rural life stretched yawning bore Hooked on Ecstasy disillusioned stupor Disinclined losers desperate to score

      Muted joy instilling muffled silence
      Crusty scabs coverup unhealed sore
      Avoiding confrontations at any cost
      Predestined fortune worth fighting for